Extjs – vertical header in grid

Extjs doesn’t provide us with any build-in mechanism for flipping text vertically in grid’s header. Fortunately we can achieve this effect by using a mixture of CSS rules and some javascript code. In order to make code more reusable, I’ll write it as a plugin for grid. Let’s start from creating CSS rules responsible for text rotation

.x-column-header .x-column-header-text is a selector for header text in every Extjs grid. It is obvious that we want only certain grids to have vertical headers, that is why I extended selector with additional custom class .v-vertical-header-grid. Having CSS class prepared, now we can write actual plugin.

At the very beginning .v-vertical-header-grid class is added to the grid. Thanks to this, CSS selector created in the first step is able to select text in header. At this point text is rotated, however it can’t fit into header – its size didn’t change. That is why in function handleAfterLayout I manually measure text height using Ext.util.TextMetrics and change height of header.Solution presented above works fine in IE10, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. There were some problems in IE9, however extending CSS class with these rules

did the trick. Here is the result
vertical header
Source code for this post can be found here
There is a problem with this plugin and locked columns, please see the updated version of this plugin here

Extjs – vertical header in grid

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