Asp.NET Core – populating IOptions<T> from external data source

1. Introduction

In ASP.NET Core web.config is no longer a proper place for storing application settings. New framework introduces the concept of a json based configuration and the default file which stores the settings now is appsettings.json. Here is a quick tutorial how to use new features.

2. Reading configuration

Let’s assume that our appsettings.json file looks as follows.

Thanks to ConfigurationBuilder we can parse this config and later on materialize sections or entire file into strongly typed configuration classes. Let’s say we want to parse AvailabilitySearchOptions node to following class

We can achieve that with following steps. First of all, we need to read entire configuration

And in the next step we have to register IOptions<AvailabilitySearchOptions> in the container using services.Configure<TOptions>(IConfiguration section) method

Note Configuration.GetSection(“AvailabilitySearchOptions”) passed as argument to services.Configure method.
From now on we can access AvailabilitySearchOptions settings via IOptions<AvailabilitySearchOptions> interface, which you can easily inject into your classes.

3. Populating IOptions<T> from external data source

From time to time, reading configuration just from JSON file might not be enough and for instance you would like to add additional configuration read from some external data source. Fortunately you don’t have to resign from the IOptions<T> class as it is possible to read additional data for literally any other source thanks to IConfigureOptions<T> class. All we have to do is to create a setup class which implements IConfigureOptions<T> interface

And then registering this class in our container

From now on, when value of IOptions<AvailabilitySearchOptions> is accessed for very first time, Configure method from AvailabilitySearchOptionsSetupService will be called and you will be able to set additional values for your settings. Note that values from appsettings.json will already be there.
In addition, it is possible to have multiple implementations of IConfigureOptions<T> so if you want your setup to be split into multiple classes you are good to go.
Source code for this post can be found here

Asp.NET Core – populating IOptions<T> from external data source

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