ASP.NET Web API 2 – missing swagger query parameters

Last week I’ve encountered an interesting bug in swagger documentation of our API. For some reason couple of Get operations were missing some of the query parameters. The issue itself was only visible in a couple of controllers, simplified version of one of them is shown below

As you can see the controller has a Get method which takes as an argument following class

If you run swagger for Get operation you will see that only two parameters are listed in a parameter list

After some digging I found the actual problem were basically [DataMember] and [DataContract] attributes randomly scattered in the models used in Get methods arguments. Even though these attributes are not used for model binding from the query string, swagger takes them into account either way. It happens basically because swagger under the hood uses JsonObjectContract (even for [FromUri] request classes) and by default it respects [DataContract] attribute – more info can be found here. Removing redundant [DataContract] and [DataMember] attributes from respective models solved the issue.

PS. This particular corner case is not an issue for ASP.NET Core swagger implementation.

 ASP.NET Web API 2 – missing swagger query parameters

ASP.NET Core – retrieving swagger specification without hosting API

1. Introduction

I am currently exploring possible ways of removing a repetitive work when it comes to creating integration tests for our API. The one thing which usually takes some time when testing a new endpoint is a process of creating response and request classes (as we don’t share the models between API project and integration test project). That is why I would like to have some kind of a tool (AutoRest or NSwag) which would do it for us (possibly, in a prebuild step). As those tools generate API clients based on swagger specification and I wanted this process to be as fast as possible I decided to figure out the way how to retrieve swagger specs without hosting the API.

2. Implementation

After taking a look at Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.Swagger source code it turned out that Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.Swagger.ISwaggerProvider is responsible for creating a SwaggerDocument class. JSON representation of that class is a swagger specification. Having all of that in mind I wrote following piece of code.

The Program class is an entry point of the API. The only one difference compared to default ASP.NET Core template is the fact that I made the BuildWebHost method public. Thanks to that we can build the host (but without running) and get our hands on the DI container of our application. From that point the rest is easy, I retrieve the ISwaggerProvider from the container so I can get the swagger document for given id.

In order to make sure that the SchemaRetriever works as expected I wrote simple integration test which makes sure that swagger specs from hosted API is the same as the one retrieved without hosting.

Source code for this post can be found here

ASP.NET Core – retrieving swagger specification without hosting API